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Teton 510S (Solid Tip)

There are many unique features of the Teton 510s, one of the most sought after rods in the BFS (Bait Finesse System) universe and once you grab one in your hand, you'll finally understand why. The 510s made its debut just over a year back and it was sold out worldwide within months of hitting the market.

The rod is a two-section, 5 '10ft beautifully crafted and balance Super Ultra Light (SUL) rated rod. It's designed to cast lures as light as 0.3g, yes, you read it correctly, 0.3g and with a line rating of 1-3lbs. The spinning model weighs in at 53g and the casting at 47g, that's as close to being weightless in the world of fishing.

Mangrove Jack

Kuying's choice of colour, the signature green which helps it stands out of the rest of the Teton collection that is generally reddish-brown is easy on the eyes and does well in photos with your catches.


For this exercise, we used the TTC510S (casting model) loaded with 6lb fluorocarbon which is nearly twice the suggested line rating of 3lbs and the rod didn't even flinch. Casting lures with the range was easy and casting those heavier was no problem either.


We put the rod to the test in Saltwater and Freshwater, and in both cases, the rod came through with flying colours.

Mangrove Jack

Overall it's a beautiful rod and must-have for anglers who enjoy the world of BFS. The rod is at the higher price end than most of Kuying's product, especially within the Teton range, however, the rod is worth every penny and it will put a smile on your face when you get a tight line.


Check out online store for more details. https://www.kuyinghk.com/product-page/teton-ttc-510s

WARNING: Before dismantling your rod, make sure either the drag is loose or the spool is unlocked to ensure the solid tip does not get damage.

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