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Tango with the Chinese Seabass

Teton rods have been put to the test against all sorts of fish lurking in fresh and salt-waters around the globe.

Teton TTC 662L is one of the favourite light game rod in the world of Bait Finesse fishing. When paired with the right reel, you can have plenty of fun, from casting 3g lures all the way up to 10g plus (rated 2-10g). The rod weighs nothing and paired with the right reel, you can cast all day long until your wrist calls it a day. The rod has plenty of backbone, so no issues while fighting any top predators.

The Chinese Seabass (CSB) is a ferocious adversary, with sharp gill plates that will slice through leaders like butter. A body and tail (big paddle) to give it the kind of propulsion your race car drivers need - making your heart jump out and hang off the tip of your tongue. CSB also love to put on some great acrobatic moves, great to be a spectator but not fun if you are the angler holding the rod/reel at the other end as anything could happen.

Rod: Teton TTC-662L

Reel: Shimano Aldebaran BFS

Line: 6lb FC YGK

Lure: Minnow (F) 6g

Credit: Reelman

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