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Cranking for Groupers

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Chasing Groupers on rockwalls is never easy and dangerous. Groupers are somewhat lazy predators, but powerful. They use the boulders for cover and to ambush preys.

There are many lures for grouper fishing, however, crankbait and deep divers are by far one of the best way to hunt them, they love the vibration and these lures can cover a lot of ground.

For this task, we choose Tournament Grade 72XH for the mission and boy were we pleased with the outcome.

The Tournament Grade 72XH is a lightweight and powerful rod, plenty of backbone and power required for the hook-up and to control fight as the grouper prepares to get back in its hole.


Length 7' 2" feet

Section: 1.5 piece (Butt Joint) as close as you will get to a 1 piece

Line: 14-30lb

Lure: 7-55g

Weight: 145g

Toray & Fuji Guide/Seat.

The rod was capable for casting small to heavy lures, heaviest being 50g stickbait commonly used for GT style fishing. Casting lures light or heavy was easy, especially with a heavier lure. The rod was paired with Daiwa's HRF Super Sonic commonly used for rock fishing, loaded with PE 2.0.

The session lasted less than 2 hours and landed a beautiful Hybrid Grouper (invasive species in Hong Kong).

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